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Mission: To Seek out and Help Solve the Toughest Tax Problems

My name is Gary Dettloff. I am a practicing tax attorney and the Director of the Center for Tax & Strategic Planning, with offices in the South and Midwest, and a thousand or more clients served in almost every state and several countries, providing representation, advice and strategies on taxes and planning. The purpose of this Weblog is to expand on that, while offering an opportunity for thoughtful conversation among the interested public pursuant to the provisions of Treasury Circular 230 as indicated below.

To give a little background, my legal and tax experience goes back some 30 years.

I began with the government, serving as an officer, executive and attorney for the U.S. Treasury Department (IRS) and as an assistant prosecutor. During my government service, I was trained in New York and Washington under some of the best legal and tax minds in the country. I also designed and helped manage a most interesting project.

The White House assigned four IRS Districts to develop test programs to help solve tax problems “from the inside.” This required research and day-to-day interaction with every department. I was appointed to write, monitor and manage systems to accomplish the President’s mission in my District. Of the four tests, ours was the most successful. I was given a Federal Executive Award. What we designed was adopted nationwide, establishing the Taxpayer Advocate’s Office. Hence the name of this Blog.

Since then, I have appeared on Sixty Minutes and several other broadcasts. I have consulted with numerous business and legal groups and presented at seminars on tax-related issues. I even participated with Congress in drafting the Taxpayers’ Bill of Rights. Ten years ago, we established the Center to more effectively address tax and strategic issues and provide our clients with professional services sufficient to achieve our overriding goal: The lowest legal tax.

Preserving taxpayer dignity and planning for a redeemed and prosperous future is in the best interests of our American culture as a whole, including the government itself. As I once told Congress, the IRS does not have to resort to legalized gangsterism to fulfill its mission. I know. From within and without. Taxes don’t have to crush us.

There are better alternatives.

These are difficult times. It is important that our economy, our businesses, our families and our homes be protected. So let’s talk about those alternatives. I look forward to hearing from you on these pages.

Gary R. Dettloff, J.D.